10 Instruction Hours • 25 Study Hours • Self-paced—completed within 1 to 12 Months
No Prerequisites • Certificate in Masonry Theory • Distance Education—delivered by video instruction with instructor support available by email or phone. Online exam only—no hands-on skills assessment.

This knowledge-based Masonry course teaches the basics of the masonry and tiling trades. Students will learn from a professional brick mason and tile setter currently working in the field, how to build a block wall, a brick wall, brick paving designs, brick walkway and planter box repair; as well as setting tile on floors, countertops and walls. Students study and complete the course at a pace they control, with sufficient retention of the knowledge to pass their exams with a score of 80% or higher.

Completion of this Masonry Course prepares an individual for entry-level employment in the masonry and tiling trade in positions such as Mason’s Helper, Brickmason and Blockmason, Tile Setter and Construction Trades Helper and for maintenance positions that involve masonry and tile work such as Maintenance Mechanic, Facilities Maintenance Technician, and General Maintenance and Repair Technician. (See Standard Occupational Classifications: 47-3011, 47-2021, 47-2044 and 49-9071, US Bureau of Labor Statistics.)

  • No license or registration is required for employees performing masonry or tiling work.
  • All independent contractors are required by Idaho law to be registered with the Idaho Contractors Board, which is a division of the State of Idaho, Bureau of Occupational Licenses ( IBOL/Home.aspx). Public works projects will require an additional Contractor’s License. For more information, go to
  • Certificates of this School do not qualify an individual to work as a registered or licensed Contractor.
  • For more occupational information on SOC’s 47-3011, 47-2021, 47-2044 and 49-9071 (US Bureau of Labor Statistics) and related SOC’s go to: or
    Masonry Course 10 25 Masonry Theory